Cooking Chicken Safely

Cooking Chicken Safely

Chicken is a versatile meat and can be cooked in so many ways, but it is important that it is cooked correctly and fully. Chicken should be completely defrosted before cooking and fully cooked before eating. The internal temperature should reach a minimum of 75°C. Suggested cooking times may vary depending on your oven and … Read more

Much Ado About Mince

much ado about mince

Mince is incredibly versatile and goes a long way to feed the family. It needs a small amount of fat but not too much. Browning the mince before using for a bolognaise sauce really brings out the flavour of the meat. However, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the mince out evenly without lumps. … Read more

Get the Kids Cooking

School holidays are the perfect time to get the kids in the kitchen. Often, we bake with our kids but why not get them involved in preparing meals? Start young with age-appropriate tasks and soon you’ll be enjoying them cooking a meal for you! You’re also teaching them valuable life skills. And it’s amazing what … Read more

Cook Me Quick – Meats

Quick and easy is the key when you’re busy. And if you don’t have something to grab out of the freezer, you need ideas for quick, simple and nourishing meals that can be on the table in half an hour. It’s good to have a few recipes on hand that you can return to time … Read more

Soup, Glorious Soup

soup glorious soup

With the colder weather we think comfort food, and that means hot, nourishing soup. A good soup can provide a large amount of our daily nutritional requirements and is a great way to meet our “5+ a day” requirement. They’re also the perfect solution for using up vegetables lost in the bottom of the fridge. … Read more