Are you a Good Poacher?

poached chicken salad

And we’re not talking eggs here! Poaching gives tender and moist results. Poached meat can be used as the basis for recipes or on its own for salads and sandwiches depending upon the cut used. Trim any excess fat from the meat. Place meat in a single layer in the pot with any any herbs, … Read more

How to Carve a Chicken

carve a chicken

We’ve all seen people hack away at a chicken and totally destroy it! There is a simple process to carving a chicken, so it looks attractive on your plate. Here are our tips on how to carve a chicken: Ensure your chicken is cooked well until the juices are no longer pink and run clear. … Read more

How Much Meat Do I Need?

how much meat

It’s often hard to know how much meat to serve when you have people round for dinner. Whether it’s for 6 people or 60, here are a few things to consider: If you’re serving individual meat items, e.g. steaks or chicken breasts, portions are fairly straightforward – one per person or maybe two for hungry … Read more

How To Cook The Perfect Roast

cook the perfect roast

So many of us grew up with the Sunday roast. Mum would “throw the meat” in the oven with some dripping and it would cook itself! Somehow, it always worked, tasted tender and succulent and was considered an easy-to-cook meal. Here are a few easy tips on how to cook the perfect roast, whether it … Read more