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About Us

Meat Direct’s owner, Vic Smith

As the owner and director of online meat supplier Meat Direct, my goal is to offer our customers throughout Wellington and the Lower North Island fresh, quality meat at competitive prices, delivered to the door efficiently and in a timely fashion. We continue to offer a wide range of quality products, including free-farmed and free-range options, and provide the convenience of buying online for people who lead busy lives.

“Our aim is to make your meat shopping easy.”

How did Meat Direct begin?

I worked as a farmer for 20 years, and with that lifestyle went the ability to enjoy the taste of farm-fresh meat. Many of our city friends were looking for the same opportunity, and I used to love treating them to some of the lamb from my farm. At the same time, I saw the business potential of sourcing quality farm products and making them directly available to customers online.

From beef and lamb to venison and oysters

So, Meat Direct was created in 1998. I was fortunate to have access to top-quality products from the start, and the business has developed over the years. We began by selling prime beef and lamb, then I met suppliers of chicken, seafood, venison, and pork. I introduced myself to major meat companies, and built up relationships with them as our suppliers. My dad was a great traveller, and he introduced me to a couple of delicacies: West Coast whitebait, and Bluff oysters, which we supply and sell off the website when they’re in season. We can source many of the less common types of meat, too, when our customers need them.

We supply the restaurant industry

The next step in our growth was supplying restaurants, hotels, and caterers. Because we source the highest quality products, this part of the business has grown exponentially. We now supply some of the most acclaimed chefs and restaurants in the country.

We set high standards for ourselves

The most important part of our operation is consistently providing our customers with quality meat, chicken, and seafood, and a matching level of service. Our products are cut and packed by our contract certified butcher on licensed premises, where food safety is paramount.

We value the trust our customers put in us and our products. We don’t get it wrong very often, but when we do, we put it right.