The Key to a Great Sausage


Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a great sausage cooked on the BBQ – we all love them! Gone are the days when the only sausages available were precooked or chippolatas – thank goodness! Today there are so many varieties and flavours of sausages around, it’s hard to choose and appreciate the difference between an average sausage … Read more

15 Tips for the Great Kiwi BBQ

kiwi bbq

Us Kiwis love BBQs! There’s nothing more relaxing on a gorgeous summer’s evening than having friends and family around for a good old Kiwi BBQ. Follow these few simple tips to ensure your guests go home pleasantly satisfied after their Kiwi BBQ, not peaky. Keep all perishable ingredients in the fridge until ready to use. Ensure … Read more

BBQ Cleaning Tips

bbq cleaning

Kiwis love BBQs, but let’s face it, no one likes to do the BBQ cleaning! Still, a thorough clean annually will ensure your BBQ lasts and you’ll be able to get rid of all last year’s grease and grime build up that you really don’t want to be serving up with this year’s barbecue meat. This … Read more