Checking the Heat of Your BBQ – the Kiwi Way

checking the heat of BBQ

Some traditions or ways of doing things die hard!

And not everyone has a thermometer on hand to test the heat of their BBQ. So here’s a quick run-down on the Kiwi way of doing it, for adults only!

It entails holding your hand approximately the height of a beer can above the heat over the part of the BBQ where your food will be cooking. Count how many seconds you can keep your hand there. This will give you a guide to the heat of your BBQ.

  • High heat (260C): 3 seconds
  • Medium high heat (205C): 5 seconds
  • Medium heat (175C): 7 seconds
  • Medium low heat (165C): 10 seconds
  • Low heat (150C): 12 seconds

This information on telling the heat of your BBQ was adapted from The Backyard Gourmet, by Derek the Chef.

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