Soup, Glorious Soup

soup glorious soup

With the colder weather we think comfort food, and that means hot, nourishing soup. A good soup can provide a large amount of our daily nutritional requirements and is a great way to meet our “5+ a day” requirement. They’re also the perfect solution for using up vegetables lost in the bottom of the fridge. … Read more

Grain-Fed Versus Grass-Fed Meat

grass-fed beef and lamb nz

Most New Zealand meat is from grass-fed animals In New Zealand, the majority of our beef and all of our lamb is totally grass-fed, something we are immensely proud of and which sets us apart from so many other meat-producing countries around the world. Our country’s extensive pastures provide year-round grass in most areas and … Read more

What are the Nutrients In Meat?

nutrients in meat

Many people think meat is all about iron though meat has far greater value to our bodies than that. Meat is a key source of protein in our diets. Protein is necessary to build, repair and maintain body tissues, organs and cells in all parts of the body. Proteins are complex molecules and are made … Read more

Are You Getting Enough Iron?

enough iron

Do you ever feel tired or lethargic, seem irritable or grumpy, suffer frequent infections, feel the cold, tire easily when exercising or have difficulty concentrating? It may surprise you these common symptoms are often caused by iron deficiency; easily avoided by eating more iron-rich foods. At Meat Direct we know how good beef, lamb and … Read more