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Are You Getting Enough Iron?

enough iron

Do you ever feel tired or lethargic, seem irritable or grumpy, suffer frequent infections, feel the cold, tire easily when exercising or have difficulty concentrating? It may surprise you these common symptoms are often caused by iron deficiency; easily avoided by eating more iron-rich foods. At Meat Direct we know how good beef, lamb and … Read more

Tips for a Great Stirfry


We love stirfries in our house because they are quick, nutritious and delicious. A stirfry is also a great opportunity to use up vegetables that have been sitting in the fridge. Adding a little bit of meat makes the dish go a long way, so it becomes an economical meal. All meats can be used … Read more

Which Steak is Best?

which steak is best

The easy answer to the question “which steak is best?” is – it depends! Basically, it comes down to personal preference as to the type of steak you enjoy most, whether it be a cut with a more robust flavour or a cut that is more tender. The four main cuts for beef steak are: … Read more

Cuts of Beef

cuts of beef

Beef has so many cuts and it can be used to create all sorts of delicious meals. But it’s good to know which cut is best for which types of dish. Here’s a quick guide to cuts of beef courtesy of Beef + Lamb New Zealand: Fast cooking cuts – fillet steaks, scotch fillet steaks, … Read more

Making the Most of Meat

making the most of meat

Meat can sometimes be the most costly ingredient in a meal. So it’s important to make the most of every piece, just as our chef clients do to create delicious dishes for the customers in their restaurants. There’s always some loss as meat does tend to shrink naturally through cooking. Check out these easy tips … Read more

The Mighty Bluff Oyster

Many people say the Bluff oyster is the finest in the world. Oyster lovers get very excited about the start of the Bluff oyster season and are salivating for their first Bluff oyster. The season starts on the first of March and continues until about August each year. The famous Bluff oysters are grown slowly … Read more

Stuff The Turkey!

turkey stuffing

We’ve all probably got our own favourite recipe for turkey stuffing or use mum’s one! My mum’s recipe was traditional, with fresh white breadcrumbs, sautéed onions, and herbs. Today, there are loads more options or additions we can add to a traditional stuffing for variety. Each year we like to try a different combination. Here … Read more

What’s on Your Christmas Menu?

christmas menu

Everyone creates their own traditions at Christmas. In New Zealand we are lucky to have the choice of cooking for a summer or a traditional “winter” Christmas feast. And Christmas is about sharing food together with family and friends. Here are a few Christmas menu suggestions to get you started. Casual Christmas BBQ meats – … Read more

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