Our Lamb Selection

Enjoy the finest grass-fed New Zealand lamb provided fresh from our approved suppliers, processed and packed by our butcher.

Our lamb selection includes:

  • Boneless lamb legs, ready for roasting
  • Butterflied lamb leg and lamb steaks, perfect for the BBQ
  • Diced lamb for slow cooking, stews, casseroles and curries
  • Backstraps of lamb with no fat or skin
  • Shoulders and forequarters of lamb
  • Lamb cutlets, quick and easy to cook
  • Packets of lamb racks
  • Lamb shoulder and mid-loin chops – perennial New Zealand favourites
  • Minced lamb
  • Packets of tender lamb rumps
  • Packets of succulent lamb front shanks
  • Traditional lambs fry, high in iron
  • Butcher-made delicious lamb and mint sausages.

Discover the value of lamb as a nutritional food, and check out our lamb recipes.

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