Grain-Fed Versus Grass-Fed Meat

grass-fed beef and lamb nz

Most New Zealand meat is from grass-fed animals

In New Zealand, the majority of our beef and all of our lamb is totally grass-fed, something we are immensely proud of and which sets us apart from so many other meat-producing countries around the world. Our country’s extensive pastures provide year-round grass in most areas and favourable climate conditions. This is combined with our free-range cattle and sheep grazing expertise.

Some free-range, grass-fed beef is hand-selected and aged, which enhances its flavour and tenderness on the plate.

Some NZ beef is grain-fed

Beef tends to be the only product that is grain-fed in New Zealand and currently falls under the Ocean Beef and Wakanui brands. After grazing on lush pastures for 18 months, selected Angus or Hereford cattle are fed a carefully balanced, nutritious diet of locally grown, GMO and additive-free grains for 70 to 135 days while still living outside. The final product is renowned for its marbling and succulence. Because of this process a premium is paid for grain-fed New Zealand beef.

What tastes better – grain-fed or grass-fed?

So, what’s the difference in taste between grass-fed and grain-fed? Some say grass-fed is tastier and juicier, while others say grain-fed is more tender and succulent. We’re so fortunate in New Zealand to be able to enjoy the distinctive flavours of beef produced from different grazing styles.

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