The Key to a Great Sausage

great kiwi sausages

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a great sausage cooked on the BBQ – we all love them!

Gone are the days when the only sausages available were precooked or chippolatas – thank goodness! Today there are so many varieties and flavours of sausages around, it’s hard to choose and appreciate the difference between an average sausage and an excellent sausage.

Sausage making has been around since the times when Romans ruled. In recent years the sausage has become a far more gourmet item and now there are endless flavours and varying quality of sausages available.

Our top-end sausages are all made by our butcher. Ask him the key to a delicious sausage and he swears “it all comes down to the quality of the meat. A top-notch sausage requires a high-quality meat trim without too much fat as the base, then the flavours can be added.” Some cheaper sausages use meat flavouring rather than real meat, so it’s important to check this out.

Also important is the sausage skin. There are artificial and natural skins available – but natural is best. Natural skins come from the animal intestine. Sheep intestine is used for thin sausages, and pork intestine, which is the most commonly used, is used for fatter sausages.

So next time you want sausages for the BBQ try a few new flavours – you’ll be impressed.