Cuts of Beef

cuts of beef

Beef has so many cuts and it can be used to create all sorts of delicious meals. But it’s good to know which cut is best for which types of dish. Here’s a quick guide to cuts of beef courtesy of Beef + Lamb New Zealand: Fast cooking cuts – fillet steaks, scotch fillet steaks, … Read more

Making the Most of Meat

making the most of meat

Meat can sometimes be the most costly ingredient in a meal. So it’s important to make the most of every piece, just as our chef clients do to create delicious dishes for the customers in their restaurants. There’s always some loss as meat does tend to shrink naturally through cooking. Check out these easy tips … Read more

The Key to a Great Sausage


Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a great sausage cooked on the BBQ – we all love them! Gone are the days when the only sausages available were precooked or chippolatas – thank goodness! Today there are so many varieties and flavours of sausages around, it’s hard to choose and appreciate the difference between an average sausage … Read more

Meat Thermometer Tips

meat thermometer

In recent years, I have started using a meat thermometer to tell when my meat is cooked to perfection – and they work! There is quite a science behind it and the degree of “doneness” all comes down to the internal temperature of the meat. Meat thermometers are ideal for roasts of any sort, and … Read more