Burger Patties 120g



Beef burger patties from Angel Bay are ideal as a meal or snack.

Ingredients:  Beef (76%), onions, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, water, yeast, canola oil, salt, acidity regulator (262)), textured soy protein, egg, salt, whey protein concentrate (milk protein), modified food starch (1442), spices, beef  extract, hydrolysed maize protein, mineral salt (451).

Cooking – must be fully cooked till piping hot in the centre 74C.

BBQ – cook from frozen for 5 minutes either side on BBQ or hot plate.

Oven – cook from frozen, 20 minutes at 200C.

Microwave – microwave each patty from frozen for approx 1 minute 20 seconds per side. Times may vary depending on number of patties heated and oven power.


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