Ham – Baby Banquet (approx 5-6kg each, price is per kg)

Hams are based on a per-kg cost as they vary in weight. When you order your ham you will pay for 1kg. A further payment will be required by either internet banking or credit card once your ham has been weighed. We will contact you with the final cost on your day of delivery.

We suggest allowing 200g per person but allow more if you want extra helpings and some left for the next day!



Baby banquet ham is a whole ham, oval in shape with skin on. It’s a boneless Christmas ham without the knuckle. Weighing approx 5-6kg, this ham is ideal for glazing.  It’s so easy to remove the skin from these little beauties. Just pull it from the top of the oval and it’s off.   Score the skin and it’s ready for your glaze.

The price stated is per kg.  The cost of your ham based on the actual weight will be confirmed with you on the day of delivery.  A further payment will be required by internet banking or credit card (Visa and MasterCard).

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All hams are New Zealand product. Photo shows half ham on bone.