How Much Meat Do I Need?

how much meat

It’s often hard to know how much meat to serve when you have people round for dinner. Whether it’s for 6 people or 60, here are a few things to consider:

  1. If you’re serving individual meat items, e.g. steaks or chicken breasts, portions are fairly straightforward – one per person or maybe two for hungry eaters.
  2. Is meat the main component of the meal or just a small part of it?
  3. What type of meat are you serving? For example, salmon is a rich fish, so less is required.
  4. What other things are you serving aside from the meat – such as side dishes, vegetables, salads, or breads?
  5. Is the meat mixed with other things, e.g. in a curry or casserole? This requires less meat than cooking a whole piece of meat.
  6. As a general rule we suggest 200g to 250g per person if you’re cooking a whole piece of meat or a roast. Don’t forget to allow for the bone if need be. And allow a little extra for shrinkage during cooking.
  7. Allow more if you want second helpings or left-overs.