What’s on Your Christmas Menu?

christmas menu

Everyone creates their own traditions at Christmas. In New Zealand we are lucky to have the choice of cooking for a summer or a traditional “winter” Christmas feast. And Christmas is about sharing food together with family and friends. Here are a few Christmas menu suggestions to get you started.

Casual Christmas

BBQ meats – kebabs, steak, lamb cutlets or gourmet sausages. Or how about a whole piece of beef? Choose from eye fillet, porterhouse or scotch fillet, or a butterflied leg of lamb that has been marinated. Plus glazed ham on the bone.


  • Roast turkey – a whole turkey with your favourite stuffing or perhaps a turkey breast roast already prepared with a cranberry stuffing.
  • Roast lamb, beef fillet, pork or chicken.
  • Ham on the bone with a delicious glaze, served warm.

Seafood lovers

Grilled, barbecued, or baked seafood (keep these simple to enjoy their delicate flavours). The options are endless, including;

  • A whole salmon fillet.
  • Whitebait fritters.
  • Prawn skewers.

Whatever is on your Christmas menu, this year a good rule to remember is allow approx 200g of meat per person for a main meal. Allow more if you want second servings or some for the next day, and allow 250g-300g per person for products with bones, e.g. turkeys, chickens, and ham on the bone. Bon appetit!