What’s on Your Christmas Menu?

christmas menu

Everyone creates their own traditions at Christmas. In New Zealand we are lucky to have the choice of cooking for a summer or a traditional “winter” Christmas feast. And Christmas is about sharing food together with family and friends. Here are a few Christmas menu suggestions to get you started.

Casual Christmas

BBQ meats – kebabs, steak, lamb cutlets or gourmet sausages. Or how about a whole piece of beef? Choose from eye fillet, porterhouse or scotch fillet.   A butterflied leg of lamb that has been marinated is an ideal cut to cook on the BBQ and great for feeding the whole family.  For something different why not try some turkey tenderloins – easy to cook on the BBQ and a more casual way of enjoying Christmas turkey.


  • Roast turkey – a whole turkey with your favourite stuffing or perhaps a turkey breast roast already prepared with a cranberry stuffing.
  • Roast lamb, beef fillet, pork or chicken.
  • Ham on the bone with a delicious glaze, served warm.

Seafood lovers

Grilled, barbecued, or baked seafood (keep these simple to enjoy their delicate flavours). The options are endless, including;

  • A whole salmon fillet.
  • Whitebait fritters.
  • Prawn skewers.


Last year we noticed a lot more people treating them selves to venison for Christmas – whether it be a venison striploin or venison rack, these are ideal to cook on the BBQ or in the oven.

Make sure you have enough!

Whatever is on your Christmas menu, this year a good rule to remember is allow approx 200g of meat per person for a main meal. Allow more if you want second servings or some for the next day, and allow 250g-300g per person for products with bones, e.g. turkeys, chickens, and ham on the bone. Bon appetit!