Stuff The Turkey!

turkey stuffing

We’ve all probably got our own favourite recipe for turkey stuffing or use mum’s one! My mum’s recipe was traditional, with fresh white breadcrumbs, sautéed onions, and herbs.

Today, there are loads more options or additions we can add to a traditional stuffing for variety. Each year we like to try a different combination. Here are a few ideas to get your mouth watering.

  • Adding cranberries or apple sauce gives a traditional stuffing a sweet touch.
  • With all the different varieties of bread available, try using some of the artisan breads such as multigrain or sourdough.
  • Toss dried fruits in, such as figs, apricots, or sultanas.
  • Add different nuts and seeds – pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pistachios, or hazelnuts.
  • Use other grains, such as white rice or a combination of brown and white rice, or quinoa instead of bread for your stuffing – great for gluten-free guests.
  • Many people use sausage meat as a key ingredient in their stuffing. Or use your favourite flavoured sausage.
  • Try your favourite herbs and spices rather than the traditional mixed herbs, thyme and marjoram.
  • Caramelise your onions before adding to your stuffing – this adds a delicious caramelised and sweet flavour.
  • Add your favourite bacon to your stuffing recipe.

If you have leftover stuffing after stuffing your turkey, cook it separately. We’ve rolled extra stuffing into balls and cooked these separately and served them alongside the turkey. It looks fabulous all plated up. Whichever stuffing recipe you choose, ensure there is plenty to go around, as it’s the one time of year to go all out with your stuffing.