Beef Brisket Makes a Comeback

Photo credit: Beef + Lamb NZ

Beef brisket is an old-fashioned cut has become very trendy in recent times. One of our chef clients in 2018 ran a meat smoking class for the Wellington on a Plate festival using beef brisket.

It’s a versatile, economical cut that if cooked quickly will be tough but when cooked slowly results in flavoursome, succulent and tender dishes.

As with many cuts that yield the best results from slow cooking, brisket comes from a large working muscle with a lot of connective tissue. Connective tissue breaks down during the slow-cooking process, creating the tenderness. Essential to this process is plenty of moisture in your recipe. Browning the brisket in a pan before putting it in your slow cooker will add extra flavour.

An alternative way of cooking brisket is in the oven on a wire rack over a roasting dish. Again, long and slow is the key, with moisture in the roasting dish (beef stock is ideal). Cover with foil, sealing the meat well. Cooking at a low heat for 4-5 hours (depending on the weight) and basting a few times will result in a tender dish.

We’ve had recent clients purchase brisket for smoking. It’s an overnight process soaking in a brine then flavouring with a spicy rub. Check out this Smoked Brisket Recipe, courtesy of Beef + Lamb NZ

There are plenty of other recipes around using brisket, so give it a go!