Tips for a Great Stirfry


We love stirfries in our house because they are quick, nutritious and delicious. A stirfry is also a great opportunity to use up vegetables that have been sitting in the fridge. Adding a little bit of meat makes the dish go a long way, so it becomes an economical meal.

All meats can be used in a stirfry, but lean cuts are best. To make it easier, we sell them sliced ready for the pan. Check out our stirfry beef, pork and chicken. Or if you prefer to buy whole pieces of meat, use boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs; beef, chicken or pork schnitzel or any of the beef steaks.

Here’s a few simple tips to ensure your stirfry is the best!

  • If you’re cutting your own meat, cut across the grain in even-sized strips.
  • Coat the meat in oil, rather than adding oil to the wok or pan.
  • Some recipes call for marinating the meat first before stirfrying.
  • Ensure your wok or pan is hot enough prior to cooking.
  • Cook meat in small batches. Meat in the centre of a wok cooks quicker, so move the meat around.
  • Set meat aside while you prepare the sauce and vegetables, then add the meat at the end.
  • Don’t leave the dish on the heat for too long once you add the meat, otherwise it will be tough.