Cuts of Lamb

cuts of lamb

New Zealand lamb is some of the best in the world and Kiwis love it! But lamb can be expensive, so it’s important to know which type of cut of meat you have to ensure you get the best out of your meat.

The tenderest cuts of lamb are ideal for fast cooking, while the less tender cuts get best results with slow cooking. Less tender cuts tend to have a bit more fat on them which helps in the cooking process to make the meat more tender.

The diagram and information courtesy of Beef + Lamb New Zealand shows where the various cuts of lamb come from. Understanding this can help you select the best cut for your dish.

Below is a quick summary of cuts to cooking methods:

  • Suitable cuts for slow roasting – leg, shoulder, midloin.
  • Suitable cuts for fast roasting – rack, striploin, rump.
  • Suitable cuts for slow cooking/casseroles – diced lamb (shoulder or leg), shoulder chop, loin chop, shanks.
  • Suitable cuts for barbecuing – rack, backstrap, leg steaks, butterflied leg.